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A cookie is a text file that is stored on the computer or mobile device via a web server, and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the cookie's content and allow the website to remember browsing preferences and browse efficiently. Cookies make the interaction between the user and the website faster and easier.


On our website, we use our own and third-party session and persistent cookies. For your information:

* Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. * Persistent cookies are stored on the user's device even after the browser has been closed. * Our own cookies are sent to the user's device by the website you are browsing. * Third-party cookies are sent to the user's device by a website that is not managed by the website you are browsing but by another entity.

Specifically, we use the following types of cookies:

* Analytics cookies: Handled by us and by third parties, which allow us to analyze user behavior on our website and thus help us improve our services, website performance, and user experience. * Behavioral advertising cookies: Which are a type of advertising cookie that are used to store and retrieve information on users' behavior that is collected by continually observing their browsing habits, which develops a specific profile to show you advertisements. * Advertising cookies: Which make it possible to efficiently manage the available advertising space on the website, adapting the content of the advertisement to the content of the service requested or to what the website is being used for. * Technical cookies: Which allow the user to browse the web page or app and use the different options or services on it, such as managing traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted areas of the website, or using security featuring during browsing.

Cookies will only be used for the purposes indicated in this Cookie Policy.

We use cookies to gather certain information about users, such as browser type, server, language preferences, and country settings. In doing so, we can store user preferences on our Site and make the user's experience more systematic and comfortable. For example, we may store recent searches you have made in a cookie so that these searches can be performed again easily when you return to our Site. We also use cookies to maintain the initial session process when you visit our Site multiple times. We may use your IP address to determine your geographic location and offer you more relevant search results.


Although cookies are not required to browse the website, you will have a better user experience if you enable them. You may modify your browser's settings to erase or block them, but some services or features may not work properly. Select the browser on which you wish to know more information on how to disable cookies: * Chrome: * Explorer: * Firefox: * Opera: * Safari:


Our own cookies: Cookie name: TawkConnectionTime, Tawk_588136bbbcf30e71ac121520, __tawkuuid, jneeconnect, origentouch, sp

Third-party cookies: Provider: Google Analytics Cookie name: __utma, __utmc, __utmz, _ga, _gid

Jnee works with third-party websites that may also store cookies on our users' computers. These websites are Google AdSense, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

These tools do not collect data on your name or the address where you are browsing from. The information collected is related to the number of pages you visit, language, the social network where we post updates, the city in which your IP address is registered, the number of new users, how often and how many times you visit a page, the amount of time of your visit, the browser, and the operator or type of terminal from which the visit is made

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